Fun Track Dayz is proud to announce the continuance of our Youth Racer Program.

The 2019 Season Youth Racer Program, sponsored by Fun Track Dayz, and Lil’ 99 Stockton allows youth racers age 13 to 17, with prior race experience or a race license from any race organization in the USA, to ride and utilize Fun Track Dayz’ instructors at no cost at any of Fun Track Dayz’ Thunderhill East Events on a 250cc and up motorcycle and Thunderhill West Events on a 125cc and up motorcycle.

With this program, Fun Track Dayz, and Lil’ 99 Stockton desire to enable young racers, who gain skills and techniques on the go kart tracks, to gain more experience on the bigger road race tracks. (Thunderhill Raceway Park allows 13 year olds)

Fun Track Dayz strongly believes that Youth Racers are our future.

Anyone interested in being part of our Youth Racer Program please contact us at or
Must be 13 to 17 years old
Must have a valid race license / experience in the USA
250cc+ motorcycle is required for Thunderhill East
125cc+ motorcycle is required for Thunderhill West
Must run Fun Track Dayz stickers on motorcycle

All Youth Racers will start out in the Cruzin'(C)-Group on their first track day out on the “big” track and will be assigned an AFM licensed instructor for evaluation and coaching.

The first Cruzin'(C)-Group session is always a lead and follow session giving the Youth Racer the chance to learn the track layout and lines. If the Youth Racer exceeds the Cruzin'(C)-Group pace, we will move the rider into the next group.

Important: In order to sign up your Youth Racer and attend one of our event at no cost, you must contact at least two weeks prior to an event and sign up. Thanks!