One of the most common Infractions we see during Track day events is the crossing of the ‘BLEND LINE’ when coming out of the Pits.

The Blend Line is a painted or imaginary line that keeps you on the outside of the track until it is safe to enter the track. Depending on the track the Blend Line could be turn one only, but also as late as turn 3 (WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for example)

Crossing the Blend Line is a VERY dangerous affair. DO NOT CROSS THE BLEND LINE! The speed difference between a Rider entering the Track and traffic already on track could be upwards of 100 MPH!

We at Fun Track Dayz understand how exciting it can be getting on the track and that mistakes can happen. We want you to have a great day on the track and want you to do so safely.

I’ve crossed the ‘Blend Line’ what now?

All tracks enforce the Blend Line very heavily!!! You will be Black flagged and required to come to Grid to have a talk with the Track official/Grid Marshal. If you do get a Black Flag, you must complete your lap. Do not hide in the pits. Do see the Track official/Grid Marshal promptly.

It does not matter if you are the first person out. The blend line cannot be crossed under any circumstances when leaving the Pits.

More in depth explanation at the mandatory riders meeting.