Nick Csik

Nick Csik, AFM #775

Started riding: dirt since 2000, street 2012, trackdays 2014, racing / instructing 2018

Bikes: R6 (race), VStrom 1000 / Duc 1098S (street), XR400 / 250 XCW / TTR125 (dirt)

Why I instruct: A lot of good things in my life came directly from trackdays; a hobby and a passion, lasting friendships, lots of self improvement, learning drive and dedication. I wouldn’t have these things without the people I’ve met at the track and who have helped me along the way. Instructing for Fun Track Dayz lets me contribute the things I’ve gained back into the community, to help other riders in the same way I was helped, to grow more friendships, to spark a passion for riding in others. For me it’s rewarding to help others and to see their improvement.