• DOT Full Face Helmet (No Modular)
  • One Piece or Zip Together Two Piece Leathers. You can wear a textile one piece or two piece suit that zips together with protective armor in the Cruzin’ group, but we highly recommend wearing leathers.
  • Motorcycle Specific Boots/Gloves (back protector recommended)
  • Clean Motorcycle (no leaks)
  • Remove Fuses or Tape Off Lights
  • Remove or Tape Off Turn Signals and Mirrors
  • Tape wheel weights
  • Tires with good tread depth
  • Brakes with good pads and rotors
  • Chain lubricated with no kinks/Sprockets not worn
  • Bring a Great Attitude!

Medical Insurance

  • Fun Track Dayz does not provide medical insurance. All riders are responsible for providing their own personal medical insurance coverage.