Laguna Seca sound limits (90dB)
The Racetrack organizers at Laguna Seca enforce a very strict 90dB limit EVERY LAP OF EVERY SESSION.

We at Fun Track Dayz recommend that you use stock exhaust or “quiet baffles”. However, we can NOT guarantee that any motorcycle will pass even in OEM trim.
There are quiet exhaust baffles and modifications available to make even full racebikes comply within Laguna Seca’s guidelines. We recommend you research the best option for your motorcycle ahead of the Event date to maximize the FUN.

What happens if I am above the decibel limit?
If you exceed the noise limit you will be shown the ‘meatball’ flag at Turn 8 (corkscrew) and/or at the Finish line and we will need you come to the grid to talk.
Laguna Seca operates on a strike system depending on the exhaust system installed on your motorcycle.

OEM Exhaust: 3 strikes
Aftermarket exhaust with baffle/insert: 2 strikes
Aftermarket exhaust open: ONE STRIKE ONLY!

Sound test: You may ask for a 2 Lap sound test during which you will not get any strikes. You will need to stop at Grid and then go out for 2 laps ONLY and then return to Grid. You will be told what dB you’ve hit during this period and may make modifications to the exhaust or riding style if needed.
Please contact us at Fun Track Dayz if you have any questions.